Annual Conference

SFPS organises an annual conference which is usually held in London in mid-to-late November each year. This year’s conference will be held at the IMLR on Friday 17–Saturday 18 November 2017. The programme is here. The registration form is here

Postgraduate Workshops/Study Days

The Society also organises postgraduate study days and workshops: recent events have been held in Cambridge (2009), Liverpool (2010), Oxford (2011), London (2012), Stirling (2013), Warwick (2014), Belfast (2015), and Birmingham (2016). If you would like to host one of these events in your institution, please contact the SFPS Conference Secretary. This year’s postgraduate workshop was held at the University of Lancaster on 16 June 2017. To see the porgramme, click here.


The Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies is willing to consider requests for funding in support of conferences held in the UK or Ireland. This includes one-day conferences and seminars, and postgraduate conferences. Applicants are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding where possible. SFPS will not support conferences which coincide with its own annual conference.

Applicants will normally be notified of the outcome of their application within two months of the date of their request.

Eligibility of applicants

Applications will only be accepted from the conference organizer(s), who will normally be academics and/or postgraduates based in the UK and Ireland and who are undertaking to organise conferences on francophone postcolonial studies in the UK or Ireland.

Applicants must at the time of their request be members of SFPS.

Level of Grant

Grants awarded will normally range from £100 to £250.

Application Procedure

Please send a letter or email giving the following details:

a) title, dates, and nature of the conference (including expected attendance);

b) the status of any other funding or sponsorship applications;

c) a draft budget, clearly detailing the amount requested, and the purpose to which it will be put;

d) an undertaking to abide by the conditions of the award, if successful.

Applications should be addressed to:

Dr Charlotte Baker

Department of European Languages and Cultures, University of Lancaster, 
 LA1 4YN, UK.

Conditions of the Grant

If a grant is awarded, the organisers will be required to acknowledge the financial support of SFPS in all subsequent publicity, conference programmes, and in any resulting publications. Publicity material relating to the Society will also be made available to all those attending the conference.

A conference report (c. 500 words) must be produced within 3 months of the conference taking place and sent to the editor, Dr Kate Marsh, for publication in the Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies: